Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Good start to the week

Monday rest day - but did some OHS up to 50kg for 3

Tuesday - snatches ( man i need to stop doing stuff on rest days!) - shoulders sore from yesterday so just did a few with 40kg, then some snatch drops with 40kg too

then did wod on the rower - 1 min on / 20secs off x 18 rounds. Total metres - 4475, average 265m per interval

Sunday, 27 September 2009

photos from the weekend

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Sunday WOD


AMRAP 20mins

5 thruster
7 Hang power clean

all with 40kg

8 rounds plus thruster, HPC and 5 SDHP. A lot of bar staring on this one, even with reducing the weight from the rx'd 90lbs

*just checked and did htis last time with 42.5kg and only got 6 + rounds. Happy with todays effort, will do it with 42.5kg next time

Saturday, 26 September 2009

some fun down the park

We went down to the local park and hired a bike for Jackie and Cameron but took Kyles bike with us. I ran alongside ( and sometimes in front ) them, we covered about 4.5km as we only hired the bikes for an hour. Think Cameron wants a bike for Christmas so will need to see about getting a bike rack for the car
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Stoopid push ups

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

28mins 44secs of suckiness

Friday, 25 September 2009

Back to it!

After the fun and games of the weekend, my legs were trashed. Charlie Murphy went to work on them!

So back on the main page wod

10 squat clean 50kg
50 sit ups
8 squat clean
40 sit ups
6 squat cleans
30 sit ups
4 squat cleans
20 sit ups
2 squat cleans
10 sit ups

time 9mins 44secs

Its good to be back!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

No tinternet

Been tinterent free for a few days. Changing ISP so will be back to regular posting soon

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Video of WOD 3

Think this is from Marcus who was at the invitational - check out my speedy double unders...and super slow running!

CrossFit Ireland Invitational

Had a week off after the Glasgow Half Marathon, then an easy week leading up to the CF Ireland Invitational. Wanted to be fresh for it, but tweeked my back on the Monday of last week, so wasnt sure how it was going to hold up on Saturday

Flew over early Friday morning and spent the day in the gym helping Colm get it ready.

Cinema and Ice Cream on Friday night seemed like great preparation for the fun and games ahead.

On arriving at the gym, I could see a few faces I recognised from Facebook and frums etc, but also a lot of faces I didnt know. I also spotted a lot of nervouse faces too. There were 18 people taking part on the day - 16 guys and 2 girls. After regiserting and saying hi to some new people and some old ones, it was time for the formal introductions and movement standards from Colm.

The first workout was -

7 rounds

7 overhead squats 45kg
7 pull ups
7 wall ball

Time limit of 12 mins

I managed to get 6 rounds plus 2 wall ball, with the last set of OHS killing me, just couldnt stabiles it over head. This got me tied for 5th place.

Next event was -

As many reps in 3 mins of

75kg ground to overhead

Was feeling good for this one, but wasnt sure how my back would hold up. I started off doing push jerks, but after 5 or 6 got a pain in my back and had to unceremoniously dump the weight and recompose myself. I managed another couple of reps but changed to split jerks ( which I should have done from the start ). Got 9 reps in total for this event which moved me up to 3rd place overall.

The last event was a suck-fest -

5 rounds of

400m run
15 clapping push ups
15 double unders
15 overhead lunges with 10kg plate

The runs were ok up to round 3 , the last rounds were a right slog. I managed to do most of the lunges without getting too many not counted. The double unders were nice and smooth too Now...the push ups sucked a fat mans ass as H.Q's Karl Steadman would put it. Every set broken, down to singles on most of the sets, but thankfully no face plants

So over all, I finished in 4th place. Im so chuffed that I managed to get such a high placing as there were some fierce competitors there, especially the guys from CF Ireland. Colm is making some future monsters.

Saturday night was a meal at Captain Americas in Dublin, followed by a pub ( cant remember the name ) but I was so tired, I was nearly sleeping standing up!

Sunday morning was not pleasant, with almost everything apart from my hair hurting. Colm, Ruairi, Peanuts and me sat and watched a couple of episodes of That 70's Show before Colm gave me a lift to the airport. Flight was a bit delayed but managed to get home for 3pm.

I had a fantastic time, with great people and some great workouts.

This is why I CrossFit!

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

A busy week

So you may have noticed...or you may not have....or you may not even care one little bit..that I havent posted all week.

Well, on Friday while I was at work in Asda ( yeah, I know) the local council phoned the house to see if I was still interested in supply work as an Additional Support Needs (ASN) in local schools. An ASN is like a classroom assistant but instead of working as an assistant for the teacher and the whole class, you are responsible for one cold who needs extra assistance.

I phoned back on Monday, they phoned the school that was looking for a supply ASN, the school phoned me, I went up for an interview...and stated work on Tuesday!

I am now working 4 days in the school, 2 days in Asda, 1 day in college.

I have taken the week off of training and had a cheat night last night, plus a few beers tonight before starting back afresh on Monday

Busy, busy, busy.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Glasgow Half Marathon - done!

So we did it again this year, but to make it a bit more fun we did it as Batman and Robin.

Unofficial time - 2hours 1 min
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Thursday, 3 September 2009



5km run

Tired a new route that is just over 5km

Time 23mins 30secs




21-15-9 reps of

60kg squat cleans
ring dips

time 14mins 50secs

Was aimig for sub 15 so happy with that. Man, squat cleans kill me!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009



Viking Fran

1,000m row
21 thrusters 42.5kg
21 pull ups

750m row
15 thrusters
15 pull ups

500m row
9 thrusters
9 pull ups

Time - 17min 45secs

Rows 3min 37secs/2mins 58secs / 1min 58secs