Sunday, 17 May 2009

My results from the KB games

One handed hammer throw - 76ft 6 inches

11kg kettlebell throw - 31 ft 3 inches

3 mins 25kg one handed kettlebell swing - 120

One arm 11kg kb lock out - 44 seconds

3 mins 25kg kb snatch - 86

Crucifix with 2 x 11kg kb - 47 seconds

3 mins clean and press with 25kg kb - 63

Farmers walk with 2 x 45kg kb - 21.8


BUSTER said...

Davie what is the kettlebell lockout??

Davie said...

kind of like the crucifix hold but with one kb and held out in front not to the side

swing the kettlebell up and onto your forearm, keep your arm at shoulder height for as long as you can

BUSTER said...

Thanks for the reply.