Sunday, 17 October 2010


Had a mate, Matt from CrossFit 3D in Manchester up today, up for business but doing a bit of a tour of a few CF places on his way here and way home. We did a team workout that was awesome...not at the time though

5 lengths of garden with 50kg sandbag shouldered

then 20 reps / 15 reps / 10reps of

Deadlift x 80kg
KB swing x 24kg
Thruster x 20kg DB's

5 lengths of garden with sandbag

SO they way this went was we both took turns doing sand bag run. The I started on deads while Matt started on swings and we couldnt go to next exercise until both had finished our reps, working through the four exercise. Then it was back to the deads for 15 reps, working through 4 exercises, then 10 reps. We finished off with sandbag runs

This was a great workout, not to difficult weight wise but was very taxing metcon wise

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