Monday, 9 August 2010

CrossFit Kids cert

Weekend update - CrossFit Kids Cert

Friday afternoon drove down to Manchester and hung about CrossFit 3D and hit a workout. The class were doing Eva and I could still barely straighten my arms and there was no way I was going to do that workout again. So after a brief chat with my mate Karl, he decided I should do 20min AMRAP of 250m row and 10 bar dips, something that wouldnt over stress my arms or hands. I managed 8 full rounds, was just about to get on the rower when the buzzer went.

After the workout I hung about some more, catching up with some old faces and chatting to some new people.

Saturday was day 1 of the cert - lots and lots to take in and Im still trying to decipher my notes. We did a few team workouts but nothing too difficult. My lack of conditioning showed big time

Saturday night was a meal and some drinks, very enjoyable!

Sunday was more lectures, demonstrations, small workouts and lots of information. I can honestly say I learned more about coaching from this cert than from my Level 1 and have taken more away from it that I will use on my own kids as well as the other people I train.

Thinking of going back to the CrossFit Strength Bias programme for the rest of the year. 5/3/1 has been working great but want a change.
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