Saturday, 21 August 2010

Catch up post

WOD 1 from CrossFit Ireland

400m run
3 rounds of
15 power snatch 40kg
35 double unders
400m run

time 13mins 57secs

wod 2 from Cf Ireland

15-12-9 reps of

deadlifts 125kg
ring dips

8mins 8 secs

could have proably got it under 8 mins if I wasnt a pussy

deload week

did my deload preses and some rowing intervals on thursday, had a rest day on friday and then went to CF Fife today for the birthday WOD for Jeff martin at CrossFit Brand X / CrossFit Kids

51 Thrusters @ 50kg

1st time you drop the bar do 1 round of Cindy
2nd time you drop the bar do 2 rounds of Cindy

I did it in 20mins 32sec with only 3 drops, broke the reps into 20/15/10/6 reps,

Loved this one, total mind fuck on those last 2 sets

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