Sunday, 18 July 2010

New Cycle of 5/3/1

Had a very easy deload week - did very little apart from a longish run on Saturday morning. I have entered the CrossFit Ireland September Invitational so going to change my programming slightly - still going to follow the 5/3/1 programming of Jay Ashman but going to start putting in the metcon workouts from CrossFit Ireland - seems sensible to me.

Had very little sleep from Saturday night into Sunday and this was evident in my presses

45kg x 5reps
55kg x 5 reps
62.5kg x max = 8 reps ( same as last time )

Keg press

12, 7 - usually do 3 sets but stopped at 2 as there was nothing there

Metcon a few hours later was a bit better

5 rounds

500m row
21 kb swings 32kg

15mins 01secs

Going to start picking up the longer metcons and adding in some running in prep for September

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