Monday, 27 September 2010

Lazy week

Had a really lazy week after the CrossFit Ireland Invitational with only 1 workout - hill sprints with the vest on.

But....started back yesterday with a bang

Had my good buddy Karl Steadman at CrossFit 3D doing my metcon programming prior to going to Dublin and felt fantastic when I was there, conditioning was best its been in a long time. So on returning I asked him if he would be interested in doing all my programming - basicly the trip to Ireland has fired up my CrossFit habit again. This time however Im not going to sacrifice my hard gained strength, so he will be programming around big lifts. I have had a great year so far with the programming from Jay Ashman using the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 system but think its time for a change. Also I have started a 30 day Paleo challenge that is happening at the affiliate my friend Alison trains at in the states - Hamerdown CrossFit. So from today im trying my best to be dairy/grain/alcohol free for next 30 days. I have set up another blog just to keep track of my eating, but instead of writing it all down I am just going to post a photo of every meal.

So back to yesterdays training - CrossFit Total followed by 1 mile run for time

Press - 75kg
Squat - 130kg
Deadlift - 160kg

Mile run - 6mins 55secs

Will be interesting to see how the Paleo eating and Karls programming have an effect on me

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