Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wednesday 11th August

Yet another road trip to train, this time up to Kings Park in Stirling to meet up with Jeff and Mikki Martin from CrossFit Kids / CrossFit Brand X, Graham and Lorraine from CrossFit Dental, Simon from CrossFit Fife and my buddy Buster.

The Martins were travelling to Stirling from Loch Lomond and we met up with them to do a workout in the park, which Graham and Lorraine and set up - with probably the best van full of CrossFit equipment ive seen - bars, bumper plates, kettlebells, med balls, mats, parralettes, cones, hurdles, a gazebo, skipping ropes...everything the travelling CrossFitter needs!

The workout consisted of a very cool warm up of running, jumping and skipping drills. Then it was onto the actual workout -

5 rounds of

10 snatches 42.5kg
10 kb swings 28kg
10 parralette push ups
10 goblet squats
200m run

I sclaed it back to 3 rounds and did power snatches as my squat snatches suck. The kb weight was the biggest they had, so the swings were easy but the goblet squats were nasty

After finishing the workout we hung about for a bit then said goodbye to the Martins, who were heading to the castle then off to Aberdeen beofre going back down to England for the CrossFit Kids cert at CrossFit North East England.

Another great road trip and another great training session and  yet again great people

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