Saturday, 15 May 2010

3weeks till I compete

So its 3 weeks today till I head to Reading to compete at the CrossFit Reading and Funckey Strength and Power Meet. They aren't going to release the actual workout till the day but they have been letting little hints out like the one below

Strength and Power Meet 2010: A Recipe for Fun

Strength and Power Meet 2010: A Recipe for Fun
Begin with the BeaverFit Power Log we prepared earlier.
Add in a couple of BeaverStalker Sleds.
Pour in a generous amount of BeaverFarmers Walk.
Whisk in the BeaverPower Yoke (until the mix is no longer runny).
Add a dash of BeaverMonster Sled.
Throw in a large amount of competitors (these will reduce during cooking), and carefully place a number of officials into the mix to help bind it all together.
Pre-heat oven on a high temperature, set timer for one day, and cook until golden-brown or timer goes off (which ever is the earlier).
Remove the the finished CrossFit Reading Strength and Power Meet 2010 (in Association with FK.UK) from the heat.
Slice and serve immediately with a garnish of prizes.
All above ingredients available at a on-the-day discounted price. Available all year round at
Keep your eyes peeled for further recipes to complement this one. Ideal to serve together!

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