Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ROM Hypocrisy

Just wondering what you guys thought on these two videos....and the resulting comments on ROM

David Morgan - Olympic Weightlifter doing the King Kong workout

Second is Speal vs Khalipa

Here is what I see - David Morgan, doesnt get full ROM on all of the exercises. Thats obvious. In the Speal video, I think most of the butterfly pull ups from Speal are no where near over the bar and his push ups are belly to the floor, not chest, and he barely gets his hips open on the air squats.

Now - what is really getting my back up is how David Morgan gets totally shot down because of his ROM yet Speal doesnt. Is this because David Morgan isnt a CrossFit name? Is it because the comments page on gets moderated to the point of censorship?

Or am I just a cynical old man that is getting jaded with main page CrossFit.


All said...

I agree totally. No doubt Speal is a machine as is Dave Morgan. I have seen both vids, Dave's some time back and Speal the other day. I have commneted on Dave's somewhere else saying full rom wasn't achieved but outstanding effort with the weights and intensity. I thought the same as you when i watched the speal vid regards the pull ups. To be fair when I watched the 2008 deadlift/burpee vid of speal i thought he got away to lightly on the burpees as he was never extended. I think the issue you have is as Speal is such an iconic name in CrossFit people don't say anything. Not Speals fault to be fair. There will hundreds of people saying "well at the top of the butterfly kip you are much higher than the bar" I just didn't see it on this vid. I think they shouldn't allow butterfly kips in competition. fine use them in training but on event/wod day they should be regular kipping pull ups with at LEAST chin over bar (and no with your head tilted back to raise your chin).

Not cynical mate, just older and wiser and been around long enough to see the evolution of the movements.

Good point to raise fella

Andy CFR

LauraR said...

I blame butterfly pull ups for the whole C2B pull up standard (that I suck at.) Now I feel like my chin over bar pull ups are substandard because I can't get my collarbone to touch.

Not saying I don't need to work on that, just saying it's rough to watch a guy doing repeated butterflies with barely chin over now.

Substandard push ups...another of my pet peeves. sigh. I just try to make sure MY ROM is good and I will exhort my fellow crossfitters to do the same.

And if I see a guy in my office gym doing crappy reps of pull ups, I call him out for his own good.