Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year , New Start

So had a bit of a think and want to get serious again with training and eating. Going to hit the workouts hard but try not to kill my back again - therefore deadlifts are coming out completley for a while, doing power cleans or overhead squats instead. Sticking to the workouts from Jay Ashman at Strong Island Strength & Conditioning

Training days will be Monday, Tuesday, off Wednesday, Thursday, off Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Eating will be going back to paleo/zone stylee with a little bit of dairy (not giving up my milk in my coffee). The main plan is to cut out all the crap. Have a plan that my mate Chet has helped me with that I plan to use. I have also joined a 12 week eating challenge that i found on Facebook from the CrossFit affiliate CrossFit California City. I always need a bit of public accountability to get me started so thought this was a great way to do it

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