Monday, 10 August 2009

Auvest WOD

10 minutes max handstand pushups
5 minutes max air squats
2 minutes max pullups
1 minute max pushups

Do not rest between exercises

Did the HSPU without the vest, used it as a depth gauge making sure every rep touched it.

HSPU - 40 reps
Squats - 152 reps
Pull Ups - 24 reps
Push Ups - 19 reps

Then had a bit of a play around.

A few snatches with 30kg, 40kg and one with 50kg. Then some BFT jumps.

Now, the BFT is 3 tractor tyres stacked on top of each other - I have no idea what height it is ( will get it measured). I had a few attempts yesterday and got my fet up on top but couldn't stand up. Today I managed it but nearly fell off because the top tyre has very soft side walls...but I did it!

The next attempt though was a car crash - I jumped, landed too far into the tyre then fell back...onto concrete!

Tweeked my wrist a bit and will probably have a very bruised butt tomorrow but it could have been so much worse. Got both the good jump and the bad jump on video so will post it once I get a hold of it from my mate Russell

Also got 40kg OHS for 14 reps which is a PB

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