Saturday, 18 April 2009

Wednesday rest day, thursday extra rest day due to little or no sleep.


1 min KB swing 32kg
1min wall ball 10kg
1min rest

5 rounds


Just home from a great day at Kempies. A great day with some great people - a satellite Brand X get-together with me, Kempie, Red, Miles and Texas Patrick as guest of honour

This link will take you to a Facebook photo album, you dont need to be a member to see it -

We did a fantastic team workout with 100 box jumps, 200 Thrusters, 300 SDHP, 400 sledge hammer strikes and 500 KB swings

Also got some great coaching from Kempie, Leon and Miles on my snatch

then did


60kg x 3
65kg x 3
70kg x 2 PR
72.5kg x 1 PR!!

Will post some more photos and video later

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