Sunday, 4 January 2009

A walk in the cold

We took the dog out a walk down to the local woods and then we went to a very old cemetary that is just 10mins from the house. The cemetary is very peaceful but is a old drinking haunt for the local scumbags so lots and lots of the headstones have been pushed over. There are some dating back to the 1890's and some even a bit earlier.

We even found one of someone with the same name as my unlce with the epitaph - Erected in memory of Robert Easton who died in an accident in Dalziel Steel Works aged 14years, January 14th 1898. Some of the head stones have very intricate carving, there is a beautiful Celtic Cross that is in the photo above and some with urns on top. I am going to try and find out some information on this cemetary as I find stuff like this very interesting
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