Sunday, 7 August 2011

Thursday and Fridays training 4th and 5th August

We took a trip to Gregor Edmunds house for a practice on the two man log and two man deadlift event for the competition on Saturday.

Beer Fridays events

Farmers walk relay


Rab Paterson said...

First time i've been on here in ages mate well done on the strongman competition absolutely brilliant effort. Good luck for October. Where is the Strength Workshop that you work for mate?

Davie said...

Cheers Rab

Strength Shop is down at Braidhurst Industrial Estate at B & Q in Motherwell. Its a warehouse, but you can come in to buy stuff too, 99% of our sales are online.

Got 3 competitions coming up - this saturday at Glasgow World Highland Games, then down in Dumfries then the final in October - LOVING STRONGMAN TRAINING!

How you doin?

Rab Paterson said...

I'm doing ok mate i'm going through my Level 2 instructor course just now. Going to be taking the military fitness classes down Strathy a couple of nights a week. I've been meeting up with some of the guys from it to do some Crossfit stuff down the Duchy park recently which has been good. Like the look of the log presses and atlas stone stuff you're doing that looks like fun! I'll try and pop into the shop one day for a chat. Good luck for the games mate.