Saturday, 13 August 2011

Local heroes team event

We took part in the Glasgow World Highland Games team event called Local Heroes, and we placed 2nd overall


kennymcc said...

Allright Davie,Kenny McCrum here.How is it going? Was speaking to Rab who told me about your blog. just thought i'd say hello. Your training and lifting is phenomenal and yes your beard is epic.Well done in your competition and good luck in October.

Davie said...

Hi Kenny

Thanks mate, training has been going great and having a competition to train for has really helped focus me.

Next competition is on 25th September down in Dumfries

How you getting on?

kennymcc said...

I am good mate. I have continued following Crossfit and have been trying to do workouts down the free weights room in Wishy sports centre although this is difficult as you don't get peace. Hoping to kit my garage out at some point and use this instead (if i can raise the cash). I have been doing a lot of running lately as i am doing the Glasgow half marathon in a few weeks. Trying to practice Chi Running which is similar to POSE and have been doing a few long runs (17 miles) The only problem with this is it messes with my upper body strength but once its over i will start properly training again. I will keep up to date with your blog. Well done again mate and good luck on your future comps.