Sunday, 31 July 2011

Events training 29/7/11


Log clean and press - shoulder to overhead

40kg x 5 x 3 sets
60kg x 3
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
85kg x 1
90kg x fail ( this is my target from now on )

70kg x 8 (PB)


145kg x 15m x 2 runs

205kg x 15m - 8.06secs
245kg x 10m - 7.94secs
245kg x 15m - 15.38secs (super super slow)

atlas stones

100kg x 3 singles
120kg x 2 singles
130kg x 2 fails

120kg x 75sec - 1 rep. Nearly blacked out on thte second rep, then missed the third so stopped

Great session today

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