Friday, 3 December 2010

Training -

AMRAP 20mins

1 ground to overhead 60kg
1 round of Cindy ( 5 pull ups, 10 push ups 15 squats)

1 round cindy

1 round cindy

etc etc etc

8 full rounds plus 5 GTOH

Last time 7 rounds plus 4 GTOH - too cold to hang around tonight

Photo - 


Rab Paterson said...

Hi Davie

It's Rab Paterson here. How you doing mate? I was doing a crossfit workout the other day and wondering whether you still did this stuff-obviously you're still into it in a big way. I'm still doing that military fitness class down at Strathy with the odd crossfit workout thrown in. Still miss the old days at the YMCA. Will need to pop in for a catch up and a workout sometime. See ya soon mate. Rab

Davie said...

Rab - drop by any time. I still train a few people out of my shed gym - The Hobo Gym!

Im still training as usual but trying to get stong, slowly improving

Rab Paterson said...

Cheers mate i'll definitely drop by and you can murder me with a decent workout. My cardio has improved a lot along with my body weight stuff but i don't really do much weights any more so am probably as weak as a wee kitten when it comes to real crossfit stuff. Are you still on the same mobile number? If so i'll give you a bell. Rab.

Davie said...

still same mobile mate, give me a buzz and we can arrange it.