Sunday, 6 June 2010

Strength and Power meet

So after weeks of training, eating and worrying the CrossFit Reading and FK.UK Strength and Power Meet is over. And what a meet it was - lots of friends ( new and old ), lots of heavy shit lifted, lots of chalk/tacky/wd40/sun tan lotion...and lots of crazy strong people.

The weekend started for me with a 3 hour drive from Motherwell to Manchester with my buddy Derek. We drove down to CrossFit 3D to meet up with the guys from their that were going to Reading too. A change in plans meant that instead of going down with Karl, we got a lift with Jane and Gary. Another 3 and a bit hour drive later and we were at Andys house. In, showered, food, sleep. Ready for the meet!

On the morning of the meet, as we were staying at Andys, we were the first competitors as he had to get there to help organise the last minute things like weigh ins etc. I weighed in at 105kg ( second heaviest guy there ). After getting my competitors t-shirt and changing into my shorts, I was ready to go.

The crowd of spectators and competitors slowly built up with lots of faces I recognised form meeting before but also from online places such as FaceBook, FKUK and the Warrior Training Forum. After a lot of nervous talk and nervous toilet trips the actual workouts were finally announced. The first 4 events were -

  • Truck pull
  • Medley of prowler push, keg carry, tire flip
  • Deadlift max lift
  • Log clean and press at 80% bodyweight

The group I was in started on the truck pull. I have never done this before and didnt really get a good start, sliding a bit and standing up too tall instead of staying low and using my weight.

Next I had the medley and put a not bad time in for this, making a bit of a mess of the keg by almost dropping it as I was picking it up.

Onto the deadlift and after pulling a max for the year on Sunday last week, I wasnt sure how I would do but had a plan of doing up to 150kg and then just seeing how I felt. Well needless to say that I felt great as I worked up to 180kg and went for the 190kg but talked myself out of it.

The log clean and press was awful, I cleaned the weight easily ( 80kg ) but really struggled with the press, only managing 2 full reps.

I had to wait till after lunch to see if I had made it through to the semi-final...and I did!

The semi was to be 2 events - another medley then a yoke walk. The medley involved lifting 6 objects onto the back of a truck. These were - 

  • 48kg kettlebell
  • 60kg anvil
  • 50kg keg
  • 50kg sandbag
  • 75kg atlas stome
  • 102kg atlas stone
I was really looking forward to this event and think I did really well, I managed all the objects including the 102kg stone

The yoke walk was over a 30m distance and with a weight of 230kg. Unfortunately I didnt finish the full distance, maybe getting just over half way. THAT WAS HEAVY!

I didnt make it into the final, but I am soo happy with how I did especially on the deadlift and on the yoke walk. 

A big thanks to all the people there for giving such great support - it really helps when you hear the crowd roaring. Also a huge thanks to everyone involved in organising it as well as the sponsors - a superb day, well organised, smoothly run and great for spectators as well as those competing

A few names to thank are Derek, Chet, Andy Craig, Andy Mac, The Warrior Training Guys and Girls, The Manchester crew ( all of them ) Miles and Chrissy and the Brighton crew, Peter Walker, Mark Fraser, Garry B, Sally...will add more as I remember

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