Sunday, 23 May 2010

Catch up post



92.5kg x 3
102.5kg x 3
120kg x max = 10

kroc rows - 42.5kg x 25right/22 left

Death by pull ups

only got to 6th min then stopped as hands were agony 


10km sponsored walk for Deaf/Blind Scotland - one person wears a a blindfold and ear defenders, other person has to guide them

My friend did the first 5km with the blindfold and ear defenders on, and as I work with blind kids, I am used to guiding. But when it was my turn, I was a bit wary - I kept getting this feeling that I was losing my balance.

Add in the fact it was about 26 or 27 degrees and I was wearing a black Metallica t-shirt...made it a bit hot 


bench press

75kg x 3
87.5kg x 3
97.5kg x max = 6

could maybe have got 1 more with a spotter but not risking it

Keg bench press

20, 14, 12 reps

KB floor press

24kg x 5 reps x 3 sets each arm

Metcon later 

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