Sunday, 14 February 2010

Catch up post

thursday  - 3 sets strict pull ups - 11, 8, 7

Friday road trip to CrossFit 3D in Manchester - got there at about 5 and helped move kit, lay flooring, clear up etc.

Saturday  - CrossFit 3D open day was fantastic, great to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Karl from CF3D did a talk on what is CrossFit and what people can expect from CF3D. There was a Fran off between Pete and Dom from CF Central Manchester - Pete finished in 3.05 not sure about Doms time. Then there was a 500m row off betwen me, Kempie from CF North East England, Matt and Colin from Cf Manchester/Central Manchester. Matt won in 1min 22secs not sure of the other guys time - but i did manage to break the rower, cracked the handle in half...oops. I tried to do another row after that but  I only managed a 1min 30sec row.

After the row off people had a chance to play with some of the toys that were there - prowlers, dragging sleds, kb's, pull up frame etc.

Then for those that wanted there was a group workout - teams of 3 with only 1 person working at a time. The workout looked like this -

Everyone runs 2 x round building = 400m
60 squat cleans 65kg
60 pull ups
1 x overhead walking lunge with 2 12.5kg db's
60 kb swings 24kg
60 toes to bar
60 DB burpees 12.5kg
everyone runs 2 x round building

we took it in turns to do either 5 or 10 of each exercise, just chipping away at the reps, think or time was 27mins something

Had a fantastic day

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