Saturday, 16 January 2010

Rowing and circuit training

Spent this morning at the Boathouse Gym, which is a small - ish globo gym that is about 5 or 10 mins drive from my house and is home to the National Rowing Academy. I didnt get a go on the big boat though.

I met the Manager of the gym, John Blair, when I was there for a Kettlbell workshop, and have been down once before for a workout. I managed to get down today for a session with John to get my rowing technique looked at. The workout started with a 3,000m warm up where he sorted out a few problems that I have -

  • slouching in the seat
  • not getting full range on my stroke
  • letting the handle drop on the return
After the warm up it was time for 500m intervals.
  • 500m at 1.45 pace - I rowed 1.44.9
  • 500m at 1.40 pace - I rowed 1.41.?
  • 500m at 1.45 pace - I rowed 1.48.? - died 
  • 500m full out - I rowed 1.48....really died !
After a short water break John then set up a circuit he uses for his rowers that is designed to build lactic tolerance, it went like this -

  • 2 rounds
  • 30 secs knee ins - not sure what these are really called, in press up position with feet in suspension handles, pulling knees into the chest. Click the link and its the move where you bring both knees in.
  • 15 Split squats - Back foot up on a bench. Didnt use dumb bells though
  • 1min kb swing with 16kg
  • 12 db bench press with 2 x 15kg
  • 15 single leg pushes on the concept 2 Dyno
  • 1min plank
  • 30 secs band pulls - a rowing movement
  • 30 secs band pushes - a standing chest press
This was a great circuit, was great to have someone pushing me as Ive not had someone coach me ion a long time

Finished off with an attempt at a 2km row but after the circuit and especially the band pulls, I had nothing left in the tank so just focused on the technique pointers that John had given me.

Will definitely be back down again!


Chris said...

Looks like a good place. Where is it?

Davie said...

Its in the Strathclyde Park Chris, 5 mins from my house.

I couldn't train there full time as I couldn't face the bicep curlers and swiss ball crunchers but will definitely be back for another session with John