Monday, 2 November 2009

Monday workouts

Made an attempt at the main page wod by doing this -

3 rounds

3 power snatches 40 kg
15 overhead squats 40 kg
Row 500m

Time 14mins 56sec

Was supposed to be 45 kg with 400m runs and 5 rounds but got to 3
round and felt a real sharp pain on my trap ( as well as being a
pussy ) so stopped it at 3 rounds.

Later did the CrossFit Endurance wod

3 rounds of 250m + 500m + 700m - rest same as previous working time,
so if 250m row takes 45secs that's your rest before doing the 500m

My times were -

250m's - 45/47/48sec
500m's - 1.46/1.47/1.47
700m's - 2.30/2.34/2.33

Almost puked on the last row


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