Sunday, 16 August 2009


Took a couple of days off - Thursday and Friday - but managed to get a workout in on Saturday afternoon ( when the rain stopped )

Found a track that had some large stones dumped beside it, so after a quick text to Barry Gibson , I had a go at this

AMRAP 20mins

10 stone clean and press
100m run
10 stone bent over rows

Have no idea how many rounds I got but that was a great workout, not done bent over rows for years so was interesting to add them into a workout.

After this I found a big rock and did a couple of weighted walks for as far as I could till I dropped it.

Came home on Sunday and after unpacking/eating/uploading photos/FaceBook/Twitter/etc I logged onto the Auvest site to get todays weighted wod

400m run
30 squat cleans 60kg
400m run

Tried a squat clean with my back pack on and nearly fell on my ass, plus my wrist was sore so changed to power clean followed by a front squat

My time for this was 14mins 29secs.

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