Thursday, 16 July 2009

workout catch up

Had a couple of workouts on Friday at CrossFit Hove, death by pull ups which didnt go well and a couplet of 15 box jump, 15 power clean for 5 rounds

Got back on Monday and did thruster singles getting up to 80kg again but it didnt feel as heavy as last time. Went for 82.5kg but failed to lock it out

Also started paleo eating on Monday so this means no grains or dairy. Doing this as part of a group on Facebook - 87 day paleo challenge.

Got power cleans today which I will get done after I come back from Glasgow - meeting an old friend.

Then its time to get ready for my trip to Belfast for the Olympic Lifting cert with Coach Burgener - wil take camera as always and get many, many photos

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