Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday randomness

Time to post something other than just my workout. Been a bit side tracked with my new gadget and all the stuff it can do.

Work is back to normal after the madness that is Christmas. I finished doing the night shifts on New Years eve and I'm back to working part time which is shit, its a big drop in wages, I spoke to the boss yesterday and he said the over time will start again in a couple of weeks but I definitely need to look for something else. Jax told me last night that they are recruiting for her work ( 999 operator ) but I have the telephone manner of a mumbling buffoon so doubt I would even get an interview

They are also recruiting at the Fire Service and they now don't have an upper age limit and they also have changed the eye site requirement, I am heading to the optician on Monday to see if I pass the new eye test. Also, i want to go back to contacts again as I'm getting fed up wearing glasses.

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