Saturday, 13 December 2008

CrossFit in the UK

I was just messing around on the CrossFit Affiliate Blog today and realised just how many UK affiliates there are ...23!

And there are now 4 in Scotland - CrossFit Fife - CrossFit Scotland - CrossFit Dental - and me

It is great to see CrossFit starting to spread through out the UK because when I first started doing CrossFit no one would even try it with me. I did manage to find some like minded souls down in London - Karl who now co-owns CrossFit Manchester , Andrew who is head of CrossFit London and some others such as Graham who is now in the Forces, Gally ( dont know where he is).

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ABOVE - June 2005 - Me, Kenny, Gally in front, Karls cousin ( cant remember his name) Karl and Graham

Now, getting from Motherwell to London was a bit difficult for a couple of factors -

1 - its a bit far away
2 - I am cheap

So to get around these 2 important facts I ended up getting the Mega Bus a cheap bus company that offers REALLY cheap intercity tickets.

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ABOVE - Graham, Karl and Gally

I travelled down once a month to train with the guys for about 6 months in 2005 - the cheapest ticket I got was £2.50 return from Glasgow to London. It actually cost me more to get from Motherwell to Glasgow.

The downside to this cheap ticket was the time factor - 9 hours on the bus. I also got the train down once which actually took longer as on the journey home it snowed and the train stopped at Edinburgh due to snow on the line between there and Glasgow - this meant I had to get the bus from there to Glasgow. 5 hours on the train then 5 hours on the bus.

Since the early days of CrossFit in the UK it has taken of in a huge way here and also world wide with nearly 1,000 affiliates.

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