Thursday, 27 November 2008

Back Strain

Tuesday night, usual deadlift night. Went out to the hobo hanger and got warmed up with a few light sets, working up to my work set of 157.5kg for 3 sets of 3 reps

I should have stopped when even my warm up sets felt heavy, but being stoopid I kept going

First work set of 3 were heavy but felt fine

Second set...first rep fine...second rep .... TWANG! Lower back went. Hobbled into the house, tok some painkillers, hobbled around the house for 5 mins then headed back out to turn off the power , lights, get my phone and iPod etc. Bent down to pick up a 1.25kg weight, and didnt even make it to the ground when my back completely went. A huge shooting pain went right across my back. Had to phone Jackie from the shed to come out and help me back into the house.

Took some more painkillers and then spent the last 2 days moaning and groaning. Got an appointment with the Doctor today and was told I have accute muscle tear in my lower back. Now Im no expert but going by the fact she never evn looked at my back and just asked me wht happened I dont know how she made this diagnosis.

Anyway, I am now on my 3rd day off work, sil probably be off at least till Monday and got some interesting drugs from the Doc - Co-Codamol, Volsaid and Diazipam. Took 2 co-codamol and a diazipam when I came home from the Docs and was a bit woozy. Hopefully it will be better by next weekend when I am supposed to be going to London to help coach.


BUSTER said...

Hi mate

How you doing? you feeling any better?


CrossFitCS said...

yeah feeling good - diazipam has kicked in

How you doing mate, not heard form you n ages, hows the missus?

Chris said...

Hope things improve.

In my experience doctors don't know shit about back pain. Rest, stretch (hip flexors) and get some massages. There are a couple of good guys I know in Edinburgh for sports massages but it is probably a bit far from you.

All the best

CrossFitCS said...

thanks Chris

I feel better today but im guessing thats just the drugs talking

BUSTER said...

I'm good mate, been really busy with work, i'm getting my arse back in gear soon, I second what Chris said doctors know fu** all get a proper physio and get off the drugs!